I have been a Strength & Conditioning Coach for over 20 years. I was the first North Carolina BioSignature Practitioner and a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist for the Greater Wilmington, NC Area. I currently practice in Angola, IN.  Basically, I am a health detective. I find what is keeping you from being 100% through BioSignature & Functional Lab Testing and structural balancing and strength ratios I help you fix it with nutrition, exercise, supplementation, hard work & dedication.

 "My clients perform optimally and look and feel great at any age!"    --Jared

Are you tired of the same old routine?  You want to try something new and results driven?  You want a strength training program and you don't know where to begin?  Ever wonder how the most successful athletes around the world train?  Are you willing to exercise but don't have the time or desire to design a program or develop a routine that works?

Using International training systems you can have these experiences and excel from the results. 

You can participate in a specialty training and get better results faster!

Right about now you are thinking. . . That is great, but how in the world can I afford world class training with a qualified coach?  
Honestly, how can you not afford it?  Get results faster without injury.  Minimize time at the gym, avoid worthless supplements and Most importantly GET Healthier.  
With health care costs on the rise, avoiding disease and actually getting healthier is priceless.
Type 2 Diabetes, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, painful joints and constant inflammation mostly come from an unhealthy lifestyle.  I will help you with nutrition and training and help minimize or avoid many health issues.  

It’s a plan for success, guaranteed work-outs instead of hoping you can fit in what you wanted if the gym isn’t too busy.  Program design is my specialty and since I have done the research and legwork and provide the structure; you will actually do the work-out that was planned with specified rest in 60 minutes or less.

Our programs are designed with an end result in mind.  You have to show up and you have to put in the effort and you will get results.

Do you have a training partner?  Even better, the more people the lower the price and higher intensity.

Not everyone has the motivation to make every workout, but if you have someone holding you accountable to train you, it makes it a lot easier.  A few other benefits include a support system, a coach to guide you and ensure you are reaching your goals. 

A few of the training methods you will see at next level

German Body composition (lactic acid training, “cardio”)

German Volume training

West side barbell training

American bodybuilding

Eastern European training research

Strongman training



We view health and fitness as a full circle, not just exercising or eating right or functional labs.  To be 100% you have to encompass all aspects of health and incorporate them into your regimen.
At Next Level we are at at the top of our game at Nutrition, Lab Interpretations, BioSignature and Strength Conditioning.  We love learning new things and educating our clients.

The first session begins with a structural balance assessment and strength ratio testing.  Your program is designed based on your results.  Sessions are sold in blocks of 12 and can range from 2 sessions per week up to 4.