Failure can actually become your advantage



Are you failing…….

on purpose? 


Pick 5 or more (in this case more is better) tricep exercises.  Quickly choose a weight  for each exercise that allows you NOT to perform over 12 reps.  Do everything in your power to FAIL by ……lifting slow to failure and than switch to very fast for a couple more reps and than maybe 1 more rep for a 5 second negative.  You just failed 3 X in just 1 exercise!  Quickly move to the next exercise and do 12 fast reps to failure. Go to the next exercise and purposely fail again and again.  Ahhhhh, you did it!  How many times did you fail in this massive giant set?  DO IT AGAIN; round 2 but reverse the order of exercises!  Wow; by now you have failed a couple dozen times!  Reward yourself for purposely being successful at failing…… doing another round in random order!  Look up at the clock; yes it is correct, you just intensely got a fantastic workout in less than 27 minutes!

Now you know, FAILURE can be used to your advantage.   --JROD


Quick, Effective Work outs based on Intelligent Design

For work out programs to be effective they need to be based on intelligent design. This work outs was about 7 months after my first baby at the ripe old age of 42 and the focus was fat burning and efficiency. It literally would take me longer to get Chelsea ready to go to the gym than the work outs took.

Some people have unlimited amounts of time to spend in the gym, but many of us don't.  Family, work and other commitments can make working out  seem like a chore.  That's where good program design comes in.  Work outs that are 20 miuntes or less; have a specific goal and correlate with all your other work outs are a necessity.  You will look forward to going to the gym even when time is precious with these style of work outs.

Jrod would amaze me with brief work outs that progressed on each other and got me the results I needed. Of course now my work outs have a different focus now with a figure contest coming up. If you already belong to a gym but aren't getting the results you want or you really need some smart programming design you can get this very work out along with many more in our store.



Did that really happen?. . . Yes it did!

Back in the oxygen tank, but I can’t say it was a breath of fresh air. I am sure one of the staff members accidently swapped the O2 tank with laughing gas. A predominant, strapping young lad approached me to say hi. Hi, I replied. What are you training? Arms! Awesome, so am I. Would you like to join me and my wife as we are quite experienced in threesomes? 
The air quality suddenly changed as I told him this is our 3rd time doing this and we were orgasmic about breaking a record, but we would need to take it slow because the last time we did this, it was a group effort with little rest between pumps. I insisted that we take 3 minutes of rest in order to get that last pump before collapsing in exhaustion.
This Pee Wee Herman parody only made one statement when I initially said we were doing arms: “I am not sure I can do this as my wrist is quite sore.” I replied, no worries my little friend b/c that big barbell you are wincing at is for 1 arm barbell shrugs and we will super set that with dumbbell scott curls at a 3.1.X.2 tempo. He glanced down, attempted to lift my load and scampered away like a 12 year old boy muttering “I can’t handle that load”. What? Is it too intimidating and scary I thought to myself. I squinted my eyes as I was sure he just turned 90 degrees and was now invisible behind the 6 inch square post. Nope, this Ikabod Crane look alike made like a ghost …………flash he was gone!

Way yonder behind the horizon I caught a glimpse of the dreamy kid once more. He swapped shirts to cover up his eleventeen inch arms and now I could clearly see the markings that explained the odd behavior……Instructor it read! He opted out and went back to what he knows best and was explaining to his obese client all the benefits of standing on this round blue ball and pretend you are paddling for the shore. For shore he was going to truly get results now!!



Do you have integrity? Shoulder integrity that is. . .

"The state of being whole, entire, or undiminished". Build the shoulders before using them for performance; a high volume of shoulder corrective work in many different angles with many varying exercises and little rest. This high lactate training style will ensure those caps have the integrity to hold up to heavier movements coming down the pike in up-coming weeks.

Shoulder pain and poor range of motion is all too common, so before you go to the awe-inspiring Olympic lifts and bench pressing commit to a little TLC and give one of my original, corrective shoulder workouts a try. Training progressions are paramount and seem to be grossly neglected. Evaluate your training; do you push/press in front or above your body several times in one week?

Do your shoulders hurt or feel restricted? If you answered yes to one or both of these than some shoulder integrity is needed. Two reasons why your shoulders hurt: #1) Bad program design #2) Inflammation from #1 

Here’s an example of a Corrective work-out from the daily work-outs available on line in our store . This is the first progression used before going into relative strength work.

A1) Front & back press (bar barely clears head & front to back is 1 rep) 3x20
A2) Leaning Rear Delt (seated and leaned over with feet extended—now do a snatch with the dumbells but with thumb pointing down) 3.1.1 3x8
A3) Hammer curl, elbow up, extend out, lateral fly 3.1.1 3x8
A4) Cobra 3x8
A5) 1 arm side lying teres minor 3x8
A6) Leaning to one side, straight arm shoulder raise 3x8

10 seconds rest between exercises; 3 minutes between rounds
Expect to drop 10% in load per round if correct load was selected on round 1



A Burning Desire

Ahh, Finally a cool breeze in the air so I decided to enjoy a break in the weather and stroll over to CFW for a back and shoulder workout. I had recently been training four months in a public gym just using machines and was anxious to hit the iron again.  The place was packed!   This overcrowding did not bother me though because it was an orchestrated group conducted by superstar skinny people that wore form fitting black shirts that said instructor on them.  The ebb and flow was a breath of fresh air from the oxygen tank where I was staying cool before. I wanted to commensurate my first day back at CFW so of course I needed a hurricane named exercise and when I stepped outside and saw an all too familiar face of Amy Argo doing farmers walk it clicked.  I got the red torpedoes out and super setted farmers walk with red torpedoes and grouped it with some shoulder correction work and without any hesitation Josh P from WSC joined this hurricane.  I finished this storm of a work out and felt satisfied.  

I woke up sore the next day and was at peace with myself for weathering the storm.  I needed more iron in my diet so I checked online for the WOD of the day. Deadlift super  setted with dumbbell shoulder press super setted with barbell rows all with time under tension of 60 seconds. Did Josh go crazy?  Hitler just posted German body composition training.  I hate this type of training!  A burning desire to go back overwhelmed me. I had to know if the instructors shirts would change color.  This workout was going to burn so I was seeing red and convinced myself the instructors were now wearing fiery red shirts.Knowing other people were going to be tortured gave me some resolve. Whaz up Jrod?  What ya doin?  Another familiar face, yes it was Jana Fogleman. I replied to her I was going to do GBC.  Jana and I previously trained GBC, two times a day in a body transformation class that I taught. Do you want to partner with me, I asked?  I was expecting her to say no because I have asked the same question 20 times while I was training in a public gym where the answer was always a sheepish no.  Before she got to the S in yes she had her barbell loaded and was ready to go.

Beast mode was on!  One minute of rest between the three brutal exercises was all that was posted; I prepared my mind for this.  I asked "Tanner than me" how much rest between rounds?  He candidly replied one minute. A stare down pursued.  I now had a burning desire to pick up the nearest barbell and beat him with it!  I then realized this would be a felony and besides Josh posted this WOD (just not the rest period).  The group environment somehow made this hellish work out enjoyable.  Sadomasochists we were!  With my last drop of energy I shook my partners hand and it pleased me that she could no longer close her fingers around my wimpy, limpy stubs.

t. was training low rep, heavy bench presses while the fiery inferno was going down.  His inked up body was now taking a second seat to his swole pecs! I exhaled heavily and said "man that workout was rough."  He replied and said "I designed it to. . . I quit listening at this point as I was burning up -What?  I was convinced that Josh was the criminal mastermind and I was totally okay with becoming a vigilante and planning my retaliation upon him.  A burning desire to pick up the nearest barbell and beat him with it came over me and in the nick of time I collected my thoughts and instead yelled "you have week triceps to match your weak hamstrings and from now on your nickname will be little t."  I was obviously taken back and resorted to kindergarten theatrics.  I ran out the door in a zigzag fashion to better my chances of survival in case this ginger was shooting at me!  JROD