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Training is our specialty - The first session begins with a structural balance assessment and strength ratio testing.  Your program is designed based on your results.  Sessions are sold in blocks of 12 and can range from 2 sessions per week up to 4.



*Our initial consultation is an introduction to BioSignature/BioPrint and Functional Nutrition and includes a full review of your health history, current concerns and goals along with a BioPrint check.  Any existing labs can be reviewed at this consult too.  This allow us to find out more about your hormonal profile and develop a plan for you.  We will contact you to schedule the consult at a time that works for you.  They usually take a little over an hour.
*Our goal is to educate you in making better choices to improve your health, mood, energy levels and physical appearance.   
*Optimal health is a marathon not a sprint!  We encourage clients to participate in a 7 part series or a 12 part series as education is ongoing.

*We offer package savings, so the more you want to learn and improve, the more you can save:

*Healthy Living & BioSignature - a 7 part series:  $450 - savings of $60.  Includes the intro and 6 follow ups

*BioSignature - a 12 part series:  $720 - savings of $120.  Includes the intro, 11 follow ups and a 7 day nutritional detox.  After completing the 12 part series follow ups are discounted by 40% for continuing education


Type of Session


Jrod Trained work-out programs - Result oriented programs containing variety from 25 years of training experience.  Work-outs will be emailed weekly right to your inbox.           

12 month subscrption - $24.99/month  






MRT Test – Food sensitivities   Call or email for pricing   This is a great 1st lab for anyone

Organic Acid Testing $473  
This is one of Jrod's top picks for helping any client.  The amount of information is vast and addresses many common issues people deal with. 

 Bundle & Save $67 on MRT & Organic Acid  


Amino Acid Profile-40 $416.00


Please include a contact phone number with all lab purchases

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Gift Certificate - You pick the dollar amount

Can be used for anything we offer