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I read your section on pregnancy..My wife is pregnant and I was interested to know if taking a whey protein supplement is safe for her or if that would be too much because the nutrients go to the baby it necessary to take the protein supplement after the workout if she is getting enough in her diet?

When we found out she stopped taking protein and has since changed her workout to avoid heavy lifting.

December 29, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRobert Matasich

Whey protein is safe during pregnancy AS LONG as it is high quality New Zealand whey isolate and she doe not have an inflammation response to whey. Nutrients will feed the baby first which means you need more, especially if you are active and weight training.
It is wise to stop heavy lifting, however keep on your regular exercise regimen and avoid ab exercises and as her tummy grows, dead lifting will be out.

I had an AWESOME pregnancy with not one sick moment! I felt great and I fully believe it was due to avoiding gluten for 1 year prior and all during pregnancy and doing the MRT test the same week I found out I was pregnant.
By following the Immuno-calm diet laid out in the MRT and avoiding Reds and Yellows, I had zero cravings, minimal weight gain, no bloating, never felt nauseous and good energy.

Now that my baby is almost 5 weeks old, I still find if I eat a food that was red or yellow she gets very fussy and has gas. Even though I don't notice any negative effects from the food, it is still causing inflammation and a system response.

I recommend a high quality pre-natal vitamin, D3, L-Carnitine, and fish oil.
If she has any sign of morning sickness methylator 3.0 and eat fat or protein upon wakening, not carbs (as the Dr. will tell you)

Please contact us if you are interested in performing the MRT test - you and your baby will appreciate it!

January 1, 2012 | Registered Commenterjrodtrained