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greetings again :)
My boyfriend has been suffering from a "stubborn" sciatic nerve in his lower back since November-ish. What can he do to ease the pain? He doesn't have health insurance and seems to believe that surgery or "living with it" are the only two options.

I usually don't give out detailed protocols on line, but pain management especially for the back is near & dear to my heart.
I normally stock this protocol, but knowing you are out of town it is available via this link:
1. Joint Task Force 3pks - 3x/day *BioSig note
*Must be between meals with no food. Otherwise it works like a digestive enzyme; we want it to scavenge up metabolic waste.
2. Fish Oil - Omega 3 6:1 10pills - 3x/day for 6 days (with meals)
3. Taurine - 2-5 grams 3x/day
4. Ubermag 4pills - 3x/day lunch, dinner, bedtime
5. Sinew plex 2 pills - 3x/day. Reduce to 1 pill - 3x/day after pain reduction
6. A good chiropractor is worth their weight in gold. Dr. Brian Mynatt says you should get relief in 3-4 sessions. If not, MOVE ON and find a new Chiropractor and I totally agree.
7. That same chiropractor should be able to perform ART or stripping. Usually the piriformis muscle entraps the sciatic nerve. A good chiropractor can reduce adhesions and get pressure off quickly.
8. AVOID pro-flammatory foods like those high in omega 6 such as vegetable oils. Reduce the omega 6 load and increase omega 3's through fish oil.
Much cheaper than surgery and not living with with pain is getting an MRT test, which will show you inflammatory foods to avoid.

June 5, 2011 | Registered Commenterjrodtrained