Questions and Answers > What causes high Progesterone in a man?

Progesterone normally test high when pregnant; not usually the case with most men.
Most of the time if a man tests high in Progesterone it is because their partner is using Progesterone cream and they are bumping uglies.
It is a very easy fix; switch to a bio-identical sublingual/droplet form.
The benefits of the droplets over the cream are: easier to control, cream has a tendency to elevate levels too quickly, it takes up camp in the cottage cheese of your legs and takes serious detoxing to get levels back down to normal.
Secondary cause of high Progesterone is elevated environmental toxin exposure (xenoestrogens)
On a side note - recommend checking Progesterone levels every 4 months to ensure levels are optimum.

April 30, 2011 | Registered Commenterjrodtrained