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Over Easter weekend a family member asked me about Gout; their Dad has gout and the joint pain is pretty uncomfortable and asked what causes it?
The pain is from uric acid levels in the body elevating. Many people think it is from high protein; in all reality it is usually a sign of insulin resistance or diabetes.
The body is under large amounts of oxidative stress and starts to make uric acid as an anti-oxidant to deal with the stress (the rusting of the body).
I recommend a Lipid Peroxide test which measures the stress on the body and a Heavy Metal Test is useful.
A great read is "Achieving Victory over a Toxic World" by Mark Schauss, MBA, DB. He has an extensive background in lab interpretations.
Mark recommends 1-2 grams of Glycine daily to rapidly reduce the pain. In the BioSig we complement this by working on the cause, which is usually insulin resistance & inflammation.
Reducing neo-carbs; following the Paleo Diet and taking Omega 3 6:1 fish oil is a great start.

April 28, 2011 | Registered Commenterjrodtrained

Jared, I'm having an extremely painful gout attack right now. I'm having a right total knee replacement on Monday and have to be off all suppliments including fish oil and some meds (Plavix and 81mg of aspirin instead of 325mg). (That's when the pain started.) I've been applying "frankincence essential oil" a couple times a day which helps a little . But am forced to take Percocet so I can walk. Do you have any suggestions for a fast recovery after my surgery other than going on insulin? I am convinced that my diabetes is mainly a side effect of my meds. ( I am aware of my family history of diabetes, which I think is more food related then genes related. I haven't had a gout issue in over 20 years. The only major change in my diet recently is: margarine instead of butter and less red meat. PLEASE HELP!!

October 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGlenda Olson

"The only major change in my diet recently is: margarine." Margarine is equivalent to 10w30 motor oil! Seriously, your car could actually run on margarine and it is EXTREMELY pro-flammatory! Butter, coconut and avocado oil are much safer choices for high heat cooking and olive oil is good at room temp or low heat cooking.

Low carb eating can be challenging. Count the total grams of carbs in a day and if they exceed 150 grams than it is NOT low carb or Paleo. You will need more healthy fats like the ones above to feel good on low carbs. Methyl donors( B-vitamins) and lack of magnesium are a big reason why people fail on their diets so be sure to include these when you are trying to reverse your diabetes.

Elecotrolytes - 1 packet in 1 liter of filtered H20 Amino acid supreme- 12-20 caps between meals for fast recovery


November 4, 2011 | Registered Commenterjrodtrained