This page is dedicated to Pregnancy & Raising a healthy baby.  We are not experts on pregnancy or children; however Jrod is a health expert and we just found out (March 2011) we are having our first baby at 42 so we plan on getting pretty good at the whole pregnancy journey and raising a healthy baby and want to share our knowledge and findings with others.

 To give you a little back ground – this pregnancy came as a surprise as we were not trying to conceive.  In fact, Jrod has been infertile for over 10 years now.  Due to a major spine surgery and heavy metal toxicity conceiving was not possible.  Since Jrod became a BioSignature practitioner we both have been working very diligently at getting healthier, detoxing, eating right and of course exercising.  We gave up gluten about 2 years ago and have done several detoxes and Jrod has been working on gut issues for 2 years. So getting healthy has resulted in him becoming fertile and this 41 year old couple having a baby!

 A new journey is beginning and we are excited to share a wealth of information with anyone wanting to get pregnant, already pregnant or raising children.   


Hip Hip Hooray you are pregnant. . . .and it seems like all you do is run to the bathroom to throw up!

Getting morning sickness is common but not NORMAL.  You do not have to endure morning sickness!

3 great tips to combat morning sickness:

  1. Methylator 3.0. It is the one and only supplement that uses L-5 Methyl Tetrahydrofolate, which is a body ready folate.  The B vitamins will correct DNA damage.  You typically get morning sickness from being a non-methylator and insulin resistance.  If you want to avoid this horrendous feeling you and your family can do this easy test (we recommend this test to all our biosignature clients).  Eat steamed asparagus, if your pee smells like a NY city sewer, you flunked - you are a non-methylator.  This means you are unable to uptake folates which puts you at higher risk for many diseases, cancer and cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer's, Parkinsons and dimentia just to name a few.  By taking Methylator 3.0 and getting the body ready folate you and your baby are on your way to a stronger detox system and Bye Bye vomiting!  Oh by the way, it helps combat depression.  
  2. Eat within 30 minutes of rising; avoid sugary, starchy foods and go for protein & fat
  3. Eat small, frequent meals consisting of protein, fat & veggies – Do not go too long between meals this will contribute to nausea.

The 3 Musketeers of pregnancy

These 3 items seem inevitable no matter what your health or age status.  They just go along with being pregnant.

1.  Tired - You will be more tired than usual, especially in the first trimester.  This is completely normal and you should accept it.  Eight hours of sleep is what is normal for anyone (may not be common, but it is normal), so expect to sleep 8-10, even 12 hours while you are pregnant.  You and the baby need the rest.

2. Insulin Resistance - You will crave carbohydrates while you are pregnant.  This causes glucose to elevate and can wear out your insulin hormone.  It is critical to control your sugar and carbohydrate intake during pregnancy.  Never "diet" while you are pregnant, however do NOT over indulge in sugar or starchy foods.  We all know pregnancy is the one good excuse to gain weight and get a little fat, but don't forget YOU are the one that has to lose the weight after birth.  Just because you have the baby the weight does not magically disappear.  I know many a mother that will tell you they wish they had not gained so much weight during pregnancy.  So here is your MULLIGAN TIP:  DON'T GAIN TOO MUCH WEIGHT DURING PREGNANCY.  Limit your sugar and starchy carb intake, you will be glad you did later.

3. Slowed Digestion - Your digestion slows down during pregnancy due to high levels of progesterone and the need for your baby to absorb nutrients first.  This means eat smaller meals more often.  Stick to Paleo eating which is meat, the rainbow of vegetables, nuts & seeds.  Avoid grains and boxed foods.  A great help is HCl, which is simply a stomach acid supplement that helps you break down protein and absorb nutrients better.  I always take HCl and have had to up my dose during pregnancy, which has been a life saver!


The Fabulous Four

Many expectant mothers want to know if they can take supplements during pregnancy.  
The good news is Yes and there are some supplements that are HUGELY beneficial during pregnancy.
I highly recommend you consult a Nutritionist or a BioSignature Practicitoner on supplements.
Having a baby is as stressful on the body as having a disease so solid nutrition and support via supplements is critical.  REMEMBER - the baby will always take the nutrients it needs first (Mother Nature's way of producing healthy babies) so the mother could be left short.

There are many great supplements, but here are my top 4 picks.

1.  Poliquin Prenatal Vitamins - they are superior to what you get from your Doctor and have been specially formulated for advanced nurtitional support.

2. D3 - It is critical for bone development in the baby and the baby will rob the mother of D3, so additional D3 is a necessity. 

3. Fish oil - It just has so many benefits for anyone especailly during pregnancy.  It helps fight inflammation, depression, turns on the fat burning genes and more.  The prenatals contain fish oil, but I supplement that with Uber DHA which is good for brain development in the baby and is a mood booster and then EPA/DHA 720 blend, a good  high concentrate blend.  I shoot for 14 grams of fish oil per day.  To make the effects of fish oil even stronger I supplement with Acetyl L-Carnitine ( a good fat burner).

4. Ubermag -Magnesium is great for your heart.  It relaxes you, increases blood flow and can help with constipation (which can increase during pregnancy).  I shoot for 900mg to 1.2 grams per day and take it with supper and before bed since it is relaxing.

Remember you do not want to do any type of detoxing during pregnancy and should limit your caffeine intake.



Let's start before the beginning - Pre Pregnancy Tips

The excitement of having a baby, whether planned or not can be quite overwhelming.  You want to do everything right and have a healthy baby with no complications.  In fact if you are like us, you want to give your baby every health advantage possible and with all the latest research and findings you can and avoid many of the pitfalls that parents fall into without even knowing.

 Let’s start at the very beginning.  (If you are already pregnant, no worries we will have lots of during pregnancy tips that you can implement.)  First off, get healthy before conceiving.  That goes for the mother and the father.  This may sound obvious, but many couples do not focus on the fact that the baby is a compilation of both of their genetics, immune systems, and toxicity levels.  Toxicity levels? What do you mean?  Studies have shown that newborns have as many as 200 toxins in their system from day one; which causes sensitivities.  The toxins are coming directly from the father, mother and exposure during pregnancy.

Terrible 2’s
Everybody has heard of the terrible two’s right?  Well if you are preparing to have a baby the 2 most important things I can recommend are avoid GLUTEN and DETOX.

  1. Avoiding gluten lowers risk of miscarriage and for the baby lowers the risk of allergies, autism, auto-immune diseases and weakened immune system.  Can raise the IQ of the baby and lowers risk of depression for the mother and child.  As much as we all love gluten there really are no health benefits from gluten.  Many will say “how will I get my fiber?”  From vegetables and grain free fiber supplements.  So the 1 little reason for gluten was just overcome.
  2. Detoxing – Our environments are full of toxins from chemicals to heavy metals to pesticides on our foods.  Our bodies detox naturally but because of increased levels in our world today our bodies cannot keep up.  500 new chemicals are introduced into the  environment daily; our bodies were not meant for that over load of toxins.  Nutritional detoxes are imperative to get healthy and stay healthy in the world we live in today.  In fact many couples that are having trouble getting pregnant would benefit greatly from detoxing.  Contact us to learn more about the proper way to detox.  YOU CANNOT DETOX ONCE YOU ARE PREGNANT.