The proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that you eat are fuel for your physical engine. The vitamins and minerals are its spark plugs. You need both high quality fuel and the ability to “fire on all cylinders” in order to achieve optimal health. An automobile can run with misfiring spark plugs, but for how long and how well? How fast and efficiently can it respond to an emergency demand for more power? The stress of living in our fast-paced world demands that kind of emergency power for our bodies on a daily basis.Think of other nutrients as protecting agents. Just as your car has additives and devices that protect the body, engine, and driver, nutrients serve to protect your heart, brain, and other critical organs. Just as a car’s gauges warn the driver of potential problems, your body has certain chemical indicators that can alert you to potential problems. Early warnings can help you make diet and lifestyle changes that may both extend your life and enhance your quality of life.

 This is where Organic Acids testing comes in; the information is abundant, but the interpretation is simplified by keeping in mind the results can supply answers to questions like these of clinical relevance.


  1.  Are there signs of inborn errors of metabolism?
  2.  Is mitochondrial energy production adversely affected?
  3. Are functional nutrient deficiencies present?
  4. Does altered neurotransmitter turnover reveal symptom origins?
  5. Are antioxidant nutrients protecting against oxidative damage?
  6. Is there a high toxin load and is this adversely affecting detoxification capacity?
  7. Are symptoms related to excessive growth of bacteria and fungi in the gut?

What this could mean to you is: increased energy, better focus, better able to handle stress, bod fat loss, better results in your work-outs, ways to handle and eliminate carb cravings and more! 

The Organic Acids Test (OAT) checks metabolic pathways of:
          Fatty acid oxidation
          Carbohydrate Metabolism
          Energy Production
          B-Complex Vitamin Markers
          Nerotransmitter Metabolism
         Oxidative Damage & Antioxidants
         Detoxification Markers
         Dysbiosis Markers (unequal gut bacteria)

Example of test results in action:  High Orotate levels cause ammonia toxicity.  The supplement Arginine (easy to get and inexpensive) can quickly reduce the ammonia levels and give quick relief for bed wetting and irritable aggressive behavior.

High Benzoic Acid levels indicates over exposure to environmental toxins such as auto fumes.  Glycine, an amino acid that is readily available and inexpensive will effectively detox the body of these toxins.

At home urine collection test that yields results within 2 weeks.

Kits can be shipped to your home anywhere in the continental U.S.

Total cost is $473.00  

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