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Looking for a FREE health tip that will have a HUGE impact on your life? 

          GIVE UP GLUTEN

There is no such thing as Baby Steps when it comes to GLUTEN,  You have to jump in feet first and COMPLETELY eliminate GLUTEN from your diet!

You are not kinda pregnant, either you are or you are not.  Same with Gluten, either you are Gluten Free or you are not.

You may think I'm kidding around, but seriously You have to follow a ZERO tolerance policy with GLUTEN.  You don't abuse your child once in a while, you never abuse children or GLUTEN.



 Paleo??  Which one?


Let’s take Paleo to the Next Level (get it, pun intended) and ask which Paleo is right for you?  What do you mean which Paleo is right for me?  There’s only one Paleo plan. . . . Right?  I mean it’s pretty simple, caveman eating.

Let me start off by saying I am a HUGE fan of Paleo eating.  It is the most logical, beneficial nutrition plan out there.  The basic premise of Paleo is if a caveman had access to it, then you can eat it.  No processed foods, nothing out of a box, you eat off the land; you get the picture.

Did you know that even if you are eating Paleo, you still could be eating foods that make you fat?  Shut the front door!  It’s true and there are thousands of fat people out there that are eating Paleo and not getting as lean as they should.

Genetics, demographics, food sensitivities, metabolic type and toxic exposure all have to be taken into consideration.  David, an MS patient I work with was eating Paleo but really wanted to try to control his MS better and keep the symptoms at bay decided to do the MRT test.  Wow, what surprises.  He should not eat onions, chicken, coconut, olives, broccoli and asparagus; just to name a few of the Paleo foods that are causing him to inflame.

Another client, Dr. McGraw was eating Paleo fairly well yet was still fatigued and had chronic dark eyes and it was very difficult for him to lose body fat.  I ran an MRT test which is one of the best food sensitivity tests you can get, and found 39 foods on the sensitive list.  Thirty eight of those were Paleo and the other food was gluten.  After just 2 weeks of following the MRT diet plan he had better energy and has dropped body fat and after about a month completely got rid of the dark eyes and continues to lose body fat.

I myself had some surprising Paleo foods come back on the MRT, which matched the Metabolic Typing guidelines.  Lemon, broccoli, spinach, vanilla, lettuce and tomatoes.  When I saw my results I was actually pleased; being a Viking I just didn’t feel good on all the green vegetables and constantly craved high purine  meats.

Don’t just take my word for it there are many greats who have done extensive research and written some phenomenal books on how to eat right for you; Weston Price, Bill Wolcott, Gary Taubes and Mark Shauss to name some major contributors. 

Since the current world is a melting pot of heritage and geographics, Metabolic Typing is your first step in figuring out which Paleo is right for you.  A free tip on how to eat for you metabolic type is to Google your heritage and find out what foods are indigenous to you.  This is one of the first steps with my biosig clients and further Metabolic testing can be done if a client is interested.    Your second step is to have an MRT test done to figure out what foods and food additives you are sensitive to and should be eliminated from your diet.  The MRT is the most accurate blood test available and is highly individual.  The MRT plan doesn’t just tell you what to avoid, it gives you a 6 week plan of foods to eat that will complement your system, take away food cravings and make you feel better over all. 

Your body is designed to be healthy, but in order to run efficiently, it must be given the right fuel, the kind of fuel it is genetically programmed to utilize.

Remember Paleo is a gunshot approach; Paleo, MRT and Metabolic Typing aim for the bull’s eye.

We have a full time Nutritionist on staff to get rid of the 'diet' mystery and supplement myths. . . .