A consult at Next Level incorporates several tools to optimize health including Lab interpretations, BioSignature and most importantly investigative work.

The focus of any consult is to improve the client's health, whether the client has numerous health issues or is in great shape already and wants to perform better or is just being pro-active and wants to increase their longevity and vitality.

"Hey Guys -
 I just wanted to touch base quickly to tell you that I have felt amazing all week!  The new diet and suppliments have me stronger and more energized than I have been in quite some time!  I feel great training and I am definitely losing the weight!  Can't wait to measure the progress!

Thank you so much,


Rachel is active duty military and competes in bodybuilding.  Just 3 weeks after starting her new protocol she dropped 2.7% bodyfat and an impressive 26mm off the quad and hamstring measurements.


How we differ from 'traditional health care' is we believe the body is a highly sophisticated, intricate system that is meant to be disease free, perform optimally and has the ability to heal itself.  Unfortunately in today's world stress, toxicity and poor food quality hinder our bodies natural abilities to maintain a disease free state and we need detoxification and support to get back to a state of ease.

The bulk of any consult is spent investigating the client and their history - so get ready to talk about yourself.  Unlike your typical Doctor's visit, you will spend virtually no time waiting to see the practitioner, you will be encouraged to talk about your health history, your current lifestyle and what is really going on with you and will spend quality time with your practitioner without being hussled along for the next appointment.

Lab interpretations are Jared's specialty and he has spends a vast amount of hours staying up on current labs and what the numbers all mean.  You can bring your own labs or utilize the labs we offer.  More times than not the medical field will miss criticial clues on a lab - #1 Most Doctors are not trained in lab interpretations; #2 The medical field gets their ranges from hundreds of sick people.  That is where functional knowledge and labs are different - #1 Jared is certified in lab interpretations and #2 Functional uses optimal ranges of healthy people.

BioSignature uses 12 sites on your body to provide information about your hormonal profile, risk factors and lifestyle and then priorites the top 3 trouble sites.

All of these tools combined provide for a great individulized plan that gets you on the road to optimal.


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