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What do Champions really eat for breakfast?

One of the most popular questions we get is "what should I eat?"  Let's start with the most important meal of the day - Breakfast.  Breakfast is important to set the mood and pace for the day.  The first thing you put in your mouth in the morning can set the tone for a great day or a bad day filled with yawns, hunger pains and lack of mental focus.

Too many changes in your diet at once can lead to failure, so start with this simple change.  Eat Meat and Nuts for breakfast.  I can already see the wheels churning and the questions burning. . .There are no breakfast foods I like. . . .If you can think of it we have heard it.
Slow down, take a deep breathe (and some magnesium) and read this article by one of the top coaches in the world, Charles Poliquin on eating meat and nuts for breakfast. 

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Turning back the hands of time! Test, don't guess.

Aging gracefully is at the top of every woman's checklist and many men too.  Catherine Lea is a great example of how utilizing science based labs can turn back the hands of time and open up the flow of the fountain of youth.  She was prompted to come see us by her friend Debbie that was doing the MRT and Biosignature and was getting great results.  Catherine had several health concerns and wanted a more science based nutrition plan along with a non-drug based support plan.  Fatigue, foggy head and elevated cholesterol were her chief complaints and of course she wanted to get leaner which she knew at 53 was getting harder to do even though she watched what she ate and was health conscious.  She decided to test instead of guessing. She ran the MRT, Organix and a saliva hormone test.  Jrod put her on a protocol based off her test results along with the immunocalm diet plan from her MRT and viola!  Seven weeks later, after strict compliance she not only feels great, she looks great too.  Catherine lost 3.7% bodyfat and gained 1 lb. of lean body mass.  All 12 of her biosignature measurement sites are down and she is at 19.1% body fat at age 53 – Fantastic!  Oh yes, her cholesterol is right where it should be now without a statin so her Doctor is happy too.


The Sky is falling! Do you have your Toxic Umbrella?

Most of us are not scientists but we can still figure out using good old fashioned common sense what is not healthy for us.  It is not a big shock to most of us that artificial coloring is bad for us.  We may not know the science of it or have evidence that is causes cancer, but we are aware artificial anything is not so good.

The actual process they use to get the Carmel color is what is showing to cause cancer, which the 2 big drink manufacturers have been aware of for probably many years.  The really sad part is they are not willing to do anything until the public becomes aware and they fear they may lose sales and profit margin.

This is a perfect example of the many shenanigans that go on in the food industry all for the sake of profit.  They were fully aware of the dangers of their coloring process yet made no attempts to change it until the government was going to blow the whistle on them and warn the public.  

We as consumers have to demand healthy products to drive the government and big companies to give us healthy products.  Ultimately is not just the fault of the big companies.  Companies sell products that consumers buy.  If we demand healthy products without chemicals and toxins they will bring them to market.  Big and small companies sell products that they can make money on - it is up to us to tell them what we are willing to tolerate and not tolerate.

Say NO to toxins, chemicals, artificial sweeteners, food coloring, dyes and preservatives.  If we say NO they will have to stop offering them to make a buck.  Don't blindly trust, think, investigate and shop smart.

If you have been exposed to toxins or are a soda drinker or think you are chemically sensitive don't freak out yet - contact us and get some lab work done to find out what your toxic exposure is and how you can safely lower it and avoid turning on the switch for cancer.



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