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WOW! Did you split your (Genes) jeans?

67% of the time “professional advice” if applied, works!  Sadly in my struggle with Lymes Disease I fell into the 33% group!  I consulted with specialist within the “Lymes group” and learned a lot of invaluable information and was now taking 2 steps backwards to 1 step forward which was NOT how I wanted to live.  Being sick and bedridden fortunately gave me time to research and research I did!! 

My (Genes) jeans must be torn; maybe I was sick because I was born with “bad” genes!  I ran the genetic test ( 23 and me) and vigorously studied mutations or what I like to call torn (G) jeans.  I even signed up for an on-line course on biology thru MIT in order to better understand why I was a mutant (turns out we all are).  10 weeks after I spit in a little tube the lab said my results were in! 

I saw tears in my (G) jeans!

Now what? Was this my destiny; did my genes control me?  Turns out that just the opposite is true…….you can control how your (G)jeans fit! A gene cannot turn itself on or off!  A gene needs something to trigger it to turn itself on or off just like a light bulb needs you to flip the wall switch to shine some light. 

EPIGENECTICS: how the environment affects your genes.  Turns out I was taking great advice from professionals however their advice was not individualized for me to fit into MY (G) jeans. 

An infected tick bit me and injected his DNA into me, which then activated many mutant genes to express!  I hired Shawn Bean to help me navigate the many enzyme pathways and find out what would cause a gene to express or better yet how to silence them.  Multi-vitamins, green tea, garlic, folic acid, Taurine , DIM and the ever popular high protein, Paleo dieat are good for you…right!?  Unfortunately those things SPLIT my (G) jeans further!   Remember, I fall into the 33% group.  Those supplements and the high protein diet were causing my genes to come unstitched.  I am individually unique and require alternatives to the above supplements that actually sew my jeans back together!  Removing myself from moldy environments, controlling stress, eating a modified Paleo diet per my MRT,  dramatically reducing my Wi-Fi exposure (I only use direct connect) and limiting cell phone usage.  The results have been dramatic; it is becoming rare for me to have bad days and if I do I quickly look at my environment to locate the trigger and get the needle and thread out and sew my jeans back together. 

The perfect fitting jeans are hard to find but once you find them you will want to wear them everyday!

If YOU are looking for that perfect fitting pair of (G) jeans and are tired of “shopping” with no luck then you probably need to hire a tailor to custom make a pair for you.  I can be reached at jrodtrained@gmail or click on the this EMAIL US  I keep my sewing supplies ready.