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Organic Produce

You're trying to eat healthy which of course includes more vegetables and fruits.  You take it one step further and try to buy organic whenever you can but then you hear the voices.  That little voice inside your head that says "Do I really need to pay more for organic produce...does it really matter?"  Then there's those voices outside your head (all the nay sayers) that say "How do you know it's really organic, that's soo expensive, why pay almost twice as much for the same food...??"

Unfortunately non organic produce can be heavily sprayed with pesticides which have been proven to be bad for you.  Normally you would not just spray a chemical in your mouth or eat some pesticides out of a jar so why would you want them on your fruit or vegetables.  

You also have the challenge of a limited budget and availability of organic produce right? There is good news:

EWG.org does lots of research and generates a list of the produce that is important to buy in organic form due to pesticides called the dirty dozen and they also produce a list called the Clean 15 that or ok to buy not organic.  Thank You EWG!





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