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Dodge the cholesterol bullet

 Size does matter!  AC/DC chanted "I've got big balls….
You've got big balls…But we've got the biggest balls of
them all." 


Playing Dodgeball with Ben Stiller would ring your bell but your hair would still retain its gel.  New scenario:  Change the size of balls that Ben is allowed to throw at you to a beach ball and no blemishes or signs of warfare would be left on your body.  Battle wounds, welts and scarring would be the result if Ben Stiller's infamous dodge balls were replaced with golf balls!  

Inflicting even more pain to his victims by lathering up those golf balls with some red-hot tar and now he is laying down some permanent, long  lasting inflammation!
Cholesterol measurements without knowing the particle size is like signing up for the Dodgeball tournament without knowing the size of balls to be used (potentially dangerous)!  HDL=Beach balls=Non-inflammatory, heart healthy fish oil.  LDL=Dodge balls=Hormone balancing, healthy fats from wild game and grass finished meat.  Trans/rancid/hydrogenated fats = scarred arteries because the particle size resembles painful golf balls.  Eliminating the golf balls lower the risk of being substantially injured .  Canola, vegetable, margarine  and soybean oils allow Ben to throw golf balls at you!   Spray that chicken  with some non-stick soy oil and than smother some high fructose barbecue sauce onto it and you quickly change the dodge ball into a ticking-time bomb of a heart stopping hot tar golf ball AKA….Triglycerides!!  
Grow a pair and take charge of your health!!


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