Turning back the hands of time! Test, don't guess.

Aging gracefully is at the top of every woman's checklist and many men too.  Catherine Lea is a great example of how utilizing science based labs can turn back the hands of time and open up the flow of the fountain of youth.  She was prompted to come see us by her friend Debbie that was doing the MRT and Biosignature and was getting great results.  Catherine had several health concerns and wanted a more science based nutrition plan along with a non-drug based support plan.  Fatigue, foggy head and elevated cholesterol were her chief complaints and of course she wanted to get leaner which she knew at 53 was getting harder to do even though she watched what she ate and was health conscious.  She decided to test instead of guessing. She ran the MRT, Organix and a saliva hormone test.  Jrod put her on a protocol based off her test results along with the immunocalm diet plan from her MRT and viola!  Seven weeks later, after strict compliance she not only feels great, she looks great too.  Catherine lost 3.7% bodyfat and gained 1 lb. of lean body mass.  All 12 of her biosignature measurement sites are down and she is at 19.1% body fat at age 53 – Fantastic!  Oh yes, her cholesterol is right where it should be now without a statin so her Doctor is happy too.


Real Answers to Real Health Issues Right Here, Right Now

I can't keep up!  Everybody has so much energy why don't I? 


I'm fat and bloated!  I live on salad yet I still resemble the Michelin man.


 I am not very happy about being depressed! 

 I find everything to be a pain in my rear! Why do I hurt so much?  




Do you forget things easily? Do you forget things easily?  


My brain farted and now I have brain fog.  Everything confuses me!  





I am so tired I can't sleep!!  Try as I want, try as I might, why can't I sleep tonight? 


How many times have you heard . . . you don't have an Ambien deficiency or a Prozac deficiency or a Tylenol deficiency.  I sure have some deficiency because I can't sleep, I'm depressed and I'm fat!  This traumatizing trio really could be a magnesium deficiency causing you not to be able to relax, which leads to eating junk food which lowers serotonin which leads to depression.  Tylenol blocks folate absorption (half the population is deficient in folate to begin with) which causes brain fog, which is enough to make you forget whether you even took your Tylenol for the pain or not!  OMG, what am I suppose to do?  I haven't got time for the pain or any of this mess for that matter.

Catherine decided to quit guessing and find out why she had brain fog, felt confused and was quick to anger.  Her dad fell ill and was on numerous medications which prompted her to test and not guess.  The OAT/MRT combo was the first functional test w decided to run.  The MRT can reduce inflammation quickly because it literally told her which foods caused inflammation in her.  Inflammation is found in every disease known to man so this was a no-brainer (no pun intended).  Cauliflower, a seemingly healthy food, triggered an inflammation response that cascaded through her body.  Quick fix, eliminate cauliflower (this is just one example as she eliminated several foods and brought in many foods she had avoided).Catherine also complained of gas, bloating and constipation also known as Michelin man syndrome.

 The organic acid test was quite shocking as it exposed the dirty truth.  She had ammonia toxicity.

The bacteria in her gut was so imbalanced it was producing too much ammonia for her liver to detox.  Arginine and magnesium can detox ammonia quite easily, however not so easy for her because she had another imbalance of bacteria that would quickly bind to magnesium and render it useless!  An anti-microbial would be needed first to eradicate the infection.  This alone will leave her in a constipated state for a few more months because magnesium deficiency is all too common in constipation.Catherine's liver was dealing with a lot of toxicity.

 As if ammonia toxicity was not bad enough, solvent poisoning was also a culprit to the brain fog.  Catherine had a healthy stress relieving hobby as an artist and painted frequently.

 After many questions, the lightbulb came on. . . She was using turpentine when she painted! (an aha moment). Can turpentine be toxic if I get it on my hands she asked?  Yes! Within seconds it is in your system and your liver has to detox it.  Remember her liver is also dealing with ammonia toxicity from the dysbiotic gut.  She immediately ventilated her painting room and switch to low VOC paints.  Glycine and B5 are quite remarkable at detoxing solvents out of the body as this will be her next step in the healing process.  


Two month checkup with Catherine reveals she is sleeping much better and digestion and bloating are becoming a faded memory!  Oh and as if that wasn't good enough she also lost body fat.

Catherine had real problems and finally got real answers to real health concerns right here, right now. 


Test don't guess!       --JROD



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Putting the plan in ACTION is where the results come in

Do you have a short fuse?  Are you looking for a big bang?  Are your expectations realistic?  Problems are not like wine, they do NOT get better with time and they rarely ever go away by themselves.   Finding out your problems is only the first step. Taking action on those problems with a plan is the second critical step.   It is just like anything else in life. . .going to McDonalds does not make you a hamburger, going to church does not make you a Christian and visiting a Doctor or nutritionist does not make you healthy.  
Health is not like an explosion it is more like a slow burn. Are you planning to fail or failing to plan?  Plan of action: #1) Run the MRT (best food sensitivity test available) and incorporate it into your personalized meal plan #2) Find your deficiencies with lab work like the Organix test.  This is like measuring the exhaust fumes from your car to determine whether it needs a tune up or an overhaul.  #3) Work with a qualified HEALTH professional (2 key words-qualified and health) to formulate a plan of action. #4) Execute the plan.  Any successful business person knows it is not an idea that makes you rich, it is the plan or system to put the idea into place.  To say this simply and obviously - eat per your MRT and take your supplements on your protocol as directed.  Not 50% of the time, not just when it is convenient, but all the time.
We plan the system for success. Systems are multi-faceted as are problems.  There is rarely ever just 1 issue to deal with, so a long term plan is necessary.  Rome was not built in a day and health is not achieved with one magical component.  Compliance to the plan is key.  Go beyond the first step.  Ask yourself this: what is the longest time you have implemented a diet change, a supplement protocol, exercise program or health plan?
12 weeks is measurable.  Anything less than that and you were just passing time.
The reality is it may not be fun, enjoyable or glamorous but 12 weeks is necessary to see a result and you have to love yourself enough to dedicate 12 weeks. 
We live in a fast food society. Everyone wants everything right now and they want it super sized.  I have been known to speak my mind without sugar coating it, stick my foot in my mouth and quite frankly piss people off. . .but that is not going to stop me from potentially doing it again right now.
Dawn' straight forward words of advice which by the way come from making mistakes, putting myself out there and taking risks and being willing to expose and humiliate myself (all I have found to be very valuable virtues by the way): 
Quit making excuses, justifications or rationalizes.  As intelligent beings we can justify and rationalize just about anything.
Quit lying to yourself thinking ignorance is bliss cuz reality is a bitch that will slap you hard in the face without batting an eye and let me tell you from experience it hurts!
Quit saying you've tried everything when you know deep down you tried a couple things, got frustrated or just got too busy and quit.
Embrace self knowledge and do not fear knowing what is happening with your body and  your system.  Fear is a tactic created by the government to keep us in line (but that is a whole other topic).
Make the commitment to you and your health.  You are worth it, no matter how weak or pathetic you are (wink, wink)!
Take ALL the steps, not just one of them and get with Jared and get a plan.
I can say all this and mean it because I too am human and have fallen off my plan here and there.  Fortunately I live with Jrod, so I don't stay off too long as he is super dedicated to health and he himself is trying to erase years of exposure and ignorance.
I am proud to say I just completed my Organix, Amino Acid Profile and GI effects and am super excited about coupling those results with my MRT that I have been following.
I will be happy to share my results and plan as making something public helps make it real and keeps one accountable.
Contact us, we are problem solvers who put a plan together for you.                     -Dawn



One powerful hormone that can make you fat or lean

Have you had your insulin levels checked?  This is one hormone that has a dramatic impact on your health; it can make you anabolic (lean & muscular) or make your waistline as big as an oompa loompah.  Many people know that carbohydrates affect your insulin levels – carbs give you an insulin response where you either use glucose for energy or store it as body fat.  The problem is your insulin can stay elevated if the carbs are refined or too sugary; which is much like a tropical storm raging out of control eating up everything in it’s path.  When you add in stress it goes from a tropical storm to a Category 5 hurricane fast as stress is cortisol which raises insulin. 

I recently ran labs on myself as I frequently do and found my fasting insulin to be 8.  Whoa!  I have been eating healthy and avoiding refined carbs so how can this be?  I quickly realized the master of disaster is stress.  It is time to take my own advice and control my stress.  You may be seeing less of me as I have to take a much needed sabbatical, lower my stress and train for my physical needs and if everything goes well, you will literally be seeing less of me.  My goal is simple, my waistline needs to be lower than my age.  --JROD

What have you done lately to ensure sunny, blue skies? 

 Do you know what your fasting insulin level is?



Phthalates? - I got rid of all of mine and you can too!

I recently had my Phthalates and many other toxins measured and they measured ZERO.  This is thanks to using the correct Infrared Sauna and doing protocols that support detoxing while using the sauna.

Wilmington Strength Institute located inside Cross Fit Wilmington now has an Infrared Sauna.  By combining use of the sauna with your personalized protocol for detoxing from your BioSignature Pracitioner you can keep the constant onslaught of phthalates and environmental toxins out of your fat cells.

Contact Josh Edwards (910) 616-8046 at the all new Wilmington Strength Institute and enjoy the hot box while ridding your fat cells of toxins!