Stop the Insanity! Take off the blinders!

Reality Check. . . It is all lies!  
Counting calories is like counting your breathes for the day - time consuming and pointless.  Cortisol raises belly fat (or so the infomercial says) and counting calories raises cortisol!  
Follow leaders with a proven track record; Charles Poliqin goes as far as if you count calories; he will not work with you.
A faster gauge is to take a picture of your meal and the snapshot will reveal it is either junk or high quality, neurotransmitter raising, health beneficial food. 

In fact, you would be much smarter to learn about the hormone response from food and start counting the fat pounds you will loose.

P.S.  If you eat an inflammatory food (no matter how few the calories) you will raise your cortisol.  This stressful situation signals the body to be carb resistant or to put it more bluntly: leads to diabetes.

Still not convinced?  Still thinking counting those calories is going to save your waistline?
Practicing counting makes you smarter, counting calories is practicing stupid!

Check out this article & video by Charles Poliquin on the wasted efforts of counting calories:

Why the Caloric Approach to weight loss doesn't work: Calories are Stupid


Getting in Shape 101

In this fast pace world we want IT and we want it NOW.  

Getting in shape is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

#1  Training with Jrod.  Effective work-outs designed for results fast

#2  Supplements per your Organic Acid Test and Amino Acid Test.  Don't guess, Test.

#3 Nutrition per your MRT test results.  Finding out which foods are right for your body.

Dawn is a busy mom of an energetic 9 month old and she doesn't have time to do lots of cardio and goofy exercises that she did in gym class 20 years ago.  Her training and nutrition is geared toward efficiency and it works!  She is in shape and 10.9% body fat.


Ahhh Milk and Cookies

Milk and cookies, an iconic American snack are becoming way less popular then when I was a kid due to the whole wheat free and dairy free movement and some people are getting relief. The rest of us. . . mmm, not so much.
Did you know that only 8 foods represent 95% of all food allergies?  Removing these makes economical sense and can be do-able and I did, but I still didn't get the relief I was looking for.  
Mediated release test measures inflammation markers released from your white blood cells.  This one test alone, exposes why all fad diets will not work.  They simply leave out individuality: we don't share the same DNA or food sensitivities.
One of my favorite auto immune/Paleo meals- seasoned mouthwatering steak with lemon drizzled broccoli and a side salad with dressing finishes this healthy high energizing Paleo meal and of course I declined the tomatoes because of my autoimmune disease.
Let's get to the nitty gritty -  Exposing the problem.  This luscious meal would leave me bloated and  inflamed for a month.  The MRT test revealed what was ailing me that I couldn't guess in a decade.  A slow and steady cascade of inflammation was being squeezed from my white blood cells because I was reacting to six things in my health conscious Paleo meal.  The black pepper that was used for seasoning on my steak was a highly reactive trigger spice for me as well as the lemon on my broccoli.  To make things worse broccoli was a trigger food as well as the lettuce in my salad not to mention the hidden soy and tomatoes in my dressing.  I did what all health conscious people do,  I finished this meal with a tall glass of alkalizing lemon water which is insanely reactive for me.  Talk about pouring gas on a fire- whew!
Just like being in the sun all day does not become painful until the evening, I was getting a second degree burn from six things and just one healthy meal that would not expose the painful burn until a week later!  Of course by then at the end of seven days I would be exposed to hundreds more trigger foods continuing this cascade of inflammation; to the point I honestly could no longer detect who the arson was as there was a bandit of pyromaniacs. 
I might as well have had milk and cookies and laid out in the sun all day.  
So instead I become a problem solver by no longer guessing and decided to test.  I did the MRT and have not had to guess since!     JROD









Heavy Metal Poisoning




Heart Disease & High Blood Pressure




Auto-Immune Disease (Degenerative Disc Disease, Hypo-Thyroidism, arthritis)



Lyme's Disease




Reversing all of the above 









All of the above contributes to my overwhelming desire to help others


Thank you for supporting me & Next Level Nutrition

Special thanks to the following

*Dawn  - For always exhibiting the 3 S's.  Strength, Support and Selflessness

*Charles Poliquin - For inspiring me and heading me in the right direction

*Mark Schauss - For being kind enough to share his vast knowledge

*Mark Ottobre aka Maximus Mark - For making me aware of the impact of negativety

*Dr. Shawn McCann - For his push to look further for the cause and the potential of Lymes

*Of course my sweet baby Chelsea Renee from Burely Bay for motivating me when I thought I had nothing left!!

  This is dedicated to those of us who have been lifting a long time: Don't judge me based on what I lifted in the gym today, I know my body and am wise enough to not push my limits right now. Don't judge me because I refuse to do endurance work, I am adrenally exhausted and won't kick that dead horse anymore. Don't judge me because I am not ultra lean, I am toxic and fighting disease and my body will not shed the fat till it heals. Do judge me because I have spent 20 years in the gym and lifted heavy loads that you will only dream of lifting. Do judge me because I have done ball busting, endurance work that would make the best cross fitter cry. Do judge me because for years I kept my body fat at the level of an elite athlete.

So by all means judge me, but don't judge me on just today. For champions are not made in a day or a week or even a year, true champions are made over a lifetime full of challenges, victories and defeats. Judge me on my lifetime of achievements and the fact that I am in the gym today in spite of everything and I will be in the gym for many years to come.




I Love Lucy can teach us about detoxing

There are over 500 new toxins released into the environment every day which puts a huge burden on our detox system and goes beyond our genetic potential.  The liver is responsible for filtering and cleaning up our bodies in three phases much like the chocolate factory episode of I Love Lucy.                                                                                                                                              
Phase 1 captures the environmental toxins and converts them into a safer, gentler version and sends them down the conveyor belt to phase 2 for safe wrapping.  Remember the popular I Love Lucy scene where she is wrapping chocolates in the chocolate factory and just can't keep up?  Chocolates are coming down the belt so fast she starts shoving them in her mouth just to get them off the conveyor belt.  Lucy's desperate measure to catch up with the speeding conveyor belt is too overwhelming and the candy quickly piles up faster then she can get them wrapped (phase 2) or shove them into her mouth and the candy falls to the floor making a horrible mess.  Phase 1 running at this high-speed creates a lot of mess (oxidative damage) and when the chocolates (toxins) fall and hit the floor with no wrapping they make a mess, which resembles what free radicals do to the liver.  Antioxidants are required to broom up the mess.  This speeding up of the conveyor belt is what we call a fast  Phase 1 detoxor or someone that is "chemically sensitive".                                                                                                                                                                 
The No-brainer solution is . . . drumroll please. . . speed up phase 2 of the conveyor belt.  Phase 2 is heavily dependent on amino acids. Increasing your protein will safely drop the wrapped candy in the shipping boxes or in other words get the wrapped up toxins on their way. These tightly wrapped shipping boxes are sent to the shipping truck for transit to the customer which is Phase 3 or for our final destination of elimination (into the toilet).                                                                                                                                       
A wet, dirty, rat infested shipping truck can wreak total havoc on this box and quickly rip it open messing up the candy keeping it from reaching its final destination. This dirty, rat infested truck is your bacteria/parasite infested dysbiotic gut.  This new mess is now worse than it was in phase 1.  This pathogen filled mess is now 100 times more toxic. This poisonous spillage is then recirculated back to the liver instead of reaching the final destination (the toilet).  This parasitic mess overwhelms the liver as it frantically tries to filter and clean it up again to go back on the conveyor belt.                                                 
How do we ensure phase 3 is getting the package to the final customer (the toilet)?  FIBER
Fiber commits to keeping the shipping trucks clean!  Instead of taking a week for the box of candy to
arrive in an open truck (constipation), fiber ships the package next day air.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Testing this candy conveyor belt system is exactly what the Organic Acid Test/Amino acid test does.  These tests look at Vitamin B status (1st conveyor belt); oxidative damage (dropped unwrapped candy) and dysbiosis (inspects the shipping truck).  So don't be like Lucy shoving chocolate in your mouth, losing the conveyor belt battle and still getting fired.  Get the test done and stay on top of your conveyor belt!

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