What do Champions really eat for breakfast?

One of the most popular questions we get is "what should I eat?"  Let's start with the most important meal of the day - Breakfast.  Breakfast is important to set the mood and pace for the day.  The first thing you put in your mouth in the morning can set the tone for a great day or a bad day filled with yawns, hunger pains and lack of mental focus.

Too many changes in your diet at once can lead to failure, so start with this simple change.  Eat Meat and Nuts for breakfast.  I can already see the wheels churning and the questions burning. . .There are no breakfast foods I like. . . .If you can think of it we have heard it.
Slow down, take a deep breathe (and some magnesium) and read this article by one of the top coaches in the world, Charles Poliquin on eating meat and nuts for breakfast. 

 yak recipe


Organic Produce

You're trying to eat healthy which of course includes more vegetables and fruits.  You take it one step further and try to buy organic whenever you can but then you hear the voices.  That little voice inside your head that says "Do I really need to pay more for organic produce...does it really matter?"  Then there's those voices outside your head (all the nay sayers) that say "How do you know it's really organic, that's soo expensive, why pay almost twice as much for the same food...??"

Unfortunately non organic produce can be heavily sprayed with pesticides which have been proven to be bad for you.  Normally you would not just spray a chemical in your mouth or eat some pesticides out of a jar so why would you want them on your fruit or vegetables.  

You also have the challenge of a limited budget and availability of organic produce right? There is good news: does lots of research and generates a list of the produce that is important to buy in organic form due to pesticides called the dirty dozen and they also produce a list called the Clean 15 that or ok to buy not organic.  Thank You EWG!






Dodge the cholesterol bullet

 Size does matter!  AC/DC chanted "I've got big balls….
You've got big balls…But we've got the biggest balls of
them all." 


Playing Dodgeball with Ben Stiller would ring your bell but your hair would still retain its gel.  New scenario:  Change the size of balls that Ben is allowed to throw at you to a beach ball and no blemishes or signs of warfare would be left on your body.  Battle wounds, welts and scarring would be the result if Ben Stiller's infamous dodge balls were replaced with golf balls!  

Inflicting even more pain to his victims by lathering up those golf balls with some red-hot tar and now he is laying down some permanent, long  lasting inflammation!
Cholesterol measurements without knowing the particle size is like signing up for the Dodgeball tournament without knowing the size of balls to be used (potentially dangerous)!  HDL=Beach balls=Non-inflammatory, heart healthy fish oil.  LDL=Dodge balls=Hormone balancing, healthy fats from wild game and grass finished meat.  Trans/rancid/hydrogenated fats = scarred arteries because the particle size resembles painful golf balls.  Eliminating the golf balls lower the risk of being substantially injured .  Canola, vegetable, margarine  and soybean oils allow Ben to throw golf balls at you!   Spray that chicken  with some non-stick soy oil and than smother some high fructose barbecue sauce onto it and you quickly change the dodge ball into a ticking-time bomb of a heart stopping hot tar golf ball AKA….Triglycerides!!  
Grow a pair and take charge of your health!!



WOW! Did you split your (Genes) jeans?

67% of the time “professional advice” if applied, works!  Sadly in my struggle with Lymes Disease I fell into the 33% group!  I consulted with specialist within the “Lymes group” and learned a lot of invaluable information and was now taking 2 steps backwards to 1 step forward which was NOT how I wanted to live.  Being sick and bedridden fortunately gave me time to research and research I did!! 

My (Genes) jeans must be torn; maybe I was sick because I was born with “bad” genes!  I ran the genetic test ( 23 and me) and vigorously studied mutations or what I like to call torn (G) jeans.  I even signed up for an on-line course on biology thru MIT in order to better understand why I was a mutant (turns out we all are).  10 weeks after I spit in a little tube the lab said my results were in! 

I saw tears in my (G) jeans!

Now what? Was this my destiny; did my genes control me?  Turns out that just the opposite is true…….you can control how your (G)jeans fit! A gene cannot turn itself on or off!  A gene needs something to trigger it to turn itself on or off just like a light bulb needs you to flip the wall switch to shine some light. 

EPIGENECTICS: how the environment affects your genes.  Turns out I was taking great advice from professionals however their advice was not individualized for me to fit into MY (G) jeans. 

An infected tick bit me and injected his DNA into me, which then activated many mutant genes to express!  I hired Shawn Bean to help me navigate the many enzyme pathways and find out what would cause a gene to express or better yet how to silence them.  Multi-vitamins, green tea, garlic, folic acid, Taurine , DIM and the ever popular high protein, Paleo dieat are good for you…right!?  Unfortunately those things SPLIT my (G) jeans further!   Remember, I fall into the 33% group.  Those supplements and the high protein diet were causing my genes to come unstitched.  I am individually unique and require alternatives to the above supplements that actually sew my jeans back together!  Removing myself from moldy environments, controlling stress, eating a modified Paleo diet per my MRT,  dramatically reducing my Wi-Fi exposure (I only use direct connect) and limiting cell phone usage.  The results have been dramatic; it is becoming rare for me to have bad days and if I do I quickly look at my environment to locate the trigger and get the needle and thread out and sew my jeans back together. 

The perfect fitting jeans are hard to find but once you find them you will want to wear them everyday!

If YOU are looking for that perfect fitting pair of (G) jeans and are tired of “shopping” with no luck then you probably need to hire a tailor to custom make a pair for you.  I can be reached at jrodtrained@gmail or click on the this EMAIL US  I keep my sewing supplies ready.


Rotate your oils


Cooking oils, Trans Fats and Fat Hamstrings

What you cook the food with that you are eating is as important as the food itself.  Don't underestimate the negative power of cooking oil.

By now everyone has heard of Trans fats and their detriment to your health and your waistline.  Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils contain trans fats.  They promote inflammation and cause you to store fat right below your buttocks on the hamstring.  They contribute to heart disease and clogging of your arteries.  
Even if they have removed the trans fats, many oils are still way too high in Omega 6's and way too low in Omega 3's.
EYE OPENING FACT:  Hydrogenated oils have a half life in the body of about 52 days.  That means for every teaspoon of hydrogenated oil you eat, half of that teaspoon is still in your body 52 days later! Many people are eating hydrogenated oils every day...NO WONDER OBESITY, FAT BUTTS, CHUNKY LEGS AND CANKLES ABOUND.

Wow! - Bad stuff right?  Surely they aren't that common then if they are so bad for you. . . right?

Unfortunately they are cheap and readily available and used in almost all restaurants and many boxed or premade foods.
Many people are unknowingly using them in their own kitchen - Gasp!  What?  You mean you could be giving yourself heart disease and fat hamstrings and not even know it?  Yes you could be, but the fix is simple.

Below is a list of bad oils to avoid.  Go through your cupboards and throw them out.  Be aware that restaurants use them, so avoid the fried foods.

BAD:  Margarine, Spreads, Canola or Rapeseed oil, Soybean oil, Vegetable oil, Peanut oil, Corn oil

The GOOD NEWS is there are plenty of healthy oils to cook with.  In fact these are not just for cooking, you can add 1 teaspoon of oil to your raw veggies.  For Example Flaxseed oil is high in Omega 3's and great to put in a smoothie or over a sald, but it is not meant for cooking because of it's low smoke point.  It is important to use unrefined, cold pressed oils whenever available.  We have included a list below that should be rotated in your kitchen.  You can get a good variety of healthy fats from buying 2-3 of these oils and rotate their use.  When it's time to buy more buy different ones then before and keep the variety going.

GOOD: Ghee, Grass/Pasture Butter, Organic salted Butter, Flaxseed oil, Walnut oil, Macadamia oil, Coconut oil, Avacado oil, Grapeseed oil, Pumpkin seed oil, Safflower oil, hemp seed butter and Sunflower oil.  For a great mixture of oils ask us about Mixed EFA's from Biotics.  Extra Virgin Olive oil is great cold or very low temperature - do NOT high heat olive oil.