What is HCl? 

  •  HCl=Hydrochloric Acid; found in our stomach
  •  HCl is THE most important supplement that is available
  •  It is like the footer is to the foundation of a house to our bodies
  •  It is necessary to break down protein and sterilize the contents of the stomach

Why do I need HCl?

  •  If levels are too low also cannot absorb nutrients and minerals
  •  HCl makes a 600% difference in absorption of B12 and B9
  • Belching, farting, gas, bloating, food in poop, skin rashes and vertical ridges in the nails are NOT normal and are caused by low HCl
  • Sleep is impaired because of low mineral absorption
  • Asthma, allergies, arthritis, Alzheimer’s will all improve with proper HCl levels
  • Stress ramps down HCl, age ramps down HCl by 1% every year
  • Constipation, anal itching, leg and foot cramps and low muscle mass are caused by low HCl
  • High HCl is very rare; Acid reflux is actually low HCl NOT high HCl
  • Don’t waste your time and money on other supplements till you do the HCl test and take the appropriate dose

How do I do the test?

  • A Digestive enzyme from your practitioner is optimal for you to perform the test
  • Eat half of a high protein meal
  • Take one capsule of 200 mg HCl 
  • Eat other half of protein, rest of meal
  • Wait for 15 minutes, observe reaction (burning sensation in stomach or extremities)
  • If NO reaction, go up one capsule per meal at each subsequential meal
  • Stop at reaction
  • Go down one capsule if getting reaction
  • Glass of water will dilute reaction
  • STOP at SEVEN pills
  • Go down one capsule when you get reaction


     •   On average for Americans it takes 5 years to get levels back to normal