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Patients with similar symptoms can have totally different test results and patients with similar test results can have totally different symptoms. . .Test, Don't Guess.  We all have biochemical individuality which means  - Everyone is different, so be specific to yourself in your nutrition and supplementation through scientific testing.

Maybe you feel great and want to keep it that way or you don't feel so great and want to find out why, either way lab tests are a great tool to help.  More importantly than just running labs is having someone to interpret the results.  Labs are like a chapter in your health text that really help us put together your story and contain a vast amount of information about the main character - YOU!  
Many health professionals are good at what they do, but reading and interpreting labs is not one of them.  We actually specialize in reading and interpreting labs and use them as a huge tool to design a healthy plan including an individualized protocol for you based on what's happening with you.  Each lab we offer is a useful tool that provides insight and not every situation calls for every lab.
Some of the below labs are helpful in specific situation and are not necessary for everyone.  Several of the labs are great for anyone and everyone as they provide information that can be used immediately in adjusting one's diet and supplement regimen to optimize health and overcome issues.  
The first 3 labs are Jrod's top picks.  Each lab has a brief description and you can click on the title to find out all the details.  We have access to even more tests, so don't hesitate to ask.  If you want to get started and don't know where to begin or have some health concerns the ORGANIC ACID test is your answer.  If you are looking for the biggest bang for your buck: DNA testing through 23andme is only $99 and the consult series is $450.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
 DNA Testing through 23andme- Find out what you are working with.  Just because you have inherited specific DNA does not mean your destiny is set.  This DNA test not only provides ancestral heritage information, shows reports on 240+ health conditions it provides information on thousands of SNP's which are variations in DNA.  These SNP's provide a roadmap for us to plan your trip to longevity and a healthy life.  
Think of it this way:  If you were planning a long road trip and could get your hands on an accurate map of all the accidents and road construction along the way you would be elated because you could jus avoid those things and have a smooth trip.  That is how the DNA information is used, it helps to avoid the accidents along the road of life.  The test can be ordered by clicking on the purple link above through 23andme & then we will schedule a series of consults to review the data.  The series is 6 sessions costing $450 and includes the 23andme app to organize and constantly update SNP data.

 ORGANIC ACID TEST- Tired?  Depressed?  Crave Carbs?  Do you properly convert food to energy?  Are you aging faster than necessary?  Do you need B vitamins? Do you have brain fog?  Are you properly detoxing?   Do you have a hard time losing body fat?   The answers to these questions can be found in the Organic Acid Test.
The Organix (OAT) checks metabolic pathways of: Fatty acid oxidation, Carbohydrate Metabolism, Energy Production, B-Complex Vitamin Markers, Nerotransmitter Metabolism, OxidativeDamage & Antioxidants, Detoxification Markers and Dysbiosis Markers.  This test tells you how solid your foundation is and gives clues as to how to strengthen and rebuild.  
Total fee - $473 
 MRT Test – Food Sensitivities Test  
The first sign of disease is inflammation and this test tells you which foods are setting you on fire.  If you get bloating, gas, diarrhea, migraines then this test is for you.  If you eat really healthy and still can’t loose weight then this test is for you.  If you want to avoid disease and achieve optimal health then this test is for you. The MRT is a blood draw that tests 150 foods and food additives for an inflammation response.  It is the most accurate test on the market for food sensitivities and is like a crystal ball to future health issues.  
Please contact us for pricing (you won't be disappointed)
"I'm interested in having my mother get the MRT test.  Dale & I had ours done a couple of months ago after our son Tyler talked about it.  It's proved to be very interesting and I absolutely love the way I feel on my new eating plan.  I've already lost 17 lbs and feel amazing!  No more bloated feeling after eating or chest pains from GERD.  I don't feel fat and lazy after dinner anymore.  Dale has lost 11 lbs.  (he's not quite as strict with his diet as I am but he has to eat out every day and that makes it much harder."
 -- Cindy Brodeur   
Total Fee $595
 Amino Acids Profile  Amino Acids are the single most beneficial supplement and most people notice significant effects from them.  If you suffer from Autoimmune, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, ADD, Cardiovascular Disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome this test is a must.  Think of amino acids like the bricks in a wall, the whole wall is like protein and each brick is a single amino acid.  The Amino Acid profile test analyzes all the amino acids and with simple customized amino acid supplementation imbalances can be corrected and many disorders can be addressed.          
Cortisol & Hormones Test- #205 Hormones got the best of you? Stressed? Exhausted Low Sex Drive?  Hormone imbalances affect both genders. Did you know there is an easy, accurate lab test that you can do at home (that involves no blood)? This saliva test includes progesterone (anti-wench hormone)estrodiol (wench hormone) DHEA-S (horny hormone) cortisol (stress or wench in drag hormone) testosterone (energy hormone) and melatonin (beauty sleep hormone). Stop whining and see if you would benefit from bio-dentical hormones.  
                                         Total cost is $325 
GI Effetcs Stool Profile   Sufferers of IBS, Skin conditions, Fatigue of unknown origin,
Autoimmune disorders, Depression, OCD and changes in bowel habits can benefit from this test.  We all carry around 5-7 pounds of microbes in our intestines which is normal, but sometimes the ecology of these microbes gets out of whack or we get what is known as a stealth pathogen that wants to take over the gut and wreak havoc.  This test can identify and help address pathogens, bacteria overgrowth and leaky gut which have been know to hinder fat loss and make people very sick.
Total cost is $512  
ION Panel  Are you a train wreck?  You know you have issues, but don't have any real answers.  You've suffered for years from multiple health problems and are ready and willing to bite the bullet, spend the money and get a plan.  This is the package that covers 8 different very informative labs including: Amino Acid Profiel, Nutrient & Toxic Elements, Vitamin D assay, CoQ10 plus Vitamins A, E & Beta-caroten, Organix, Fatty Acid Profile, Lipid Peroxides and Homocysteine.  It is the cadilac of lab testing.
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