Conventional lab testing is what you would receive from a medical Doctor. Unfortunately in this day and age, the Insurance companies and the Pharmaceutical industry are what is driving what society calls ‘Health care’. We call it ‘Sick Care’ and here is a quick rundown of why. The FDA (food and DRUG administration) controls the extremely low standards of food and allows thousands of additives to go into the food, which in turn makes people sick. Any and all types of sickness are immediately labeled as a disease. Diseases can only be cured by DRUGS per the FDA. So the pharmaceutical reps are pushing the ‘drug of the month’; the Doctors are prescribing this drug; Americans are swallowing them like candy. Drugs always cause other symptoms; which leads to more drugs and the vicious cycle is in place. It is not necessarily the Doctor’s fault, but the medical system is judged by standard of care as opposed to a measure of health in the patient.

Functional lab testing is used in the Pro Forma (no insurance required) realm; they can also be used in the medical realm and sometime are. The big difference is Functional practitioners get to decide what testing is necessary for their client based on that specific client. Functional looks to the root cause instead of just treating a symptom. So many times disease and illness are made very scary. The true meaning of the word disease simply means the body is not at ease. Sometimes it is as simple as what you are eating or not eating; whether you are getting a solid 8 hours of sleep and what toxins have built up in your body. Don’t tell the FDA but we don’t believe for 1 minute that only drugs can cure diseases.

There is scientific evidence supporting minerals, nutrients and herbs ridding the body of dis-ease; I have also witnessed it myself first hand. As a functional diagnostic nutritionist I can actually listen to what my clients are telling me (new concept, I know), decide what lab I think will lead to proper discovery and interpret the results. Many people are unaware that the interpretation of the lab results are more important than the results themselves. One has to know what they are looking for and be able to see the story that the labs are telling.

I firmly believe my clients know what is wrong with them and they know when their bodies are at dis ease. My job is to help figure out what is ailing them and address it. I have found by using the correct tests, I can get to the cause.

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