I guess you could say Next Level Training has been 20 some years in the making. The whole concept of our methods is results through education, which is not a new concept by any means. However being able to get ANYONE the results they need to get HEALTHIER, stronger and leaner is not such an easy task. We teach what you really need to know for healthy living.

The desire to get healthy and feel good is what drove Jrod to where he is today.

What makes us different is our scientific knowledge, experiance and sincere desire to make Health a top priority and to teach others the how and the why of getting and staying healhty.

We have a Functional Diagnostic Nutritioniston on staff who is North Carolina's first Advanced BioSignature Practitioner and four PICP trainers. Our staff is certified through world reknown strength coach Charles Poliquin. The coaches have direct access to ‘coaches only’ information. We are also the only gym in the area to sell a wide variety of Poliquin supplements, which are quickly becoming the top ranked supplements in the world.

Jrod has had various health issues through the years including several auto-immune diseases, underwent serious spinal fusion and has struggled to feel good. Quite frankly he went the conventional route with Western medicine, specialists and prescription medication to no avail. Not one Doctor or Specialist was able to get him the vitality he so desired. When you are 30 and your Doctor says “You are getting older and feeling like this is to be expected”, you know it is Completely unacceptable.

That’s where BioSignature, Functional Nutrition and Lab interpretations come in. Jrod is reclaiming his health and vitality through BioSignature protocols. He is doing it because he has a vested interest in his own health and realizes he can make a difference.  He has the ability to help himself and others achieve optimal health. BioSignature has proven over and over it produces results fast. Why spin your wheels and not make progress. Between Functional Nutrition, Biosignature and PICP training you can become the "YOU" that you really want to be.

Jrod wants to help others feel their best because he has been through the struggles and felt the pain and realizes so much of it could have been avoided if he only knew then what he knows now. There is help for sleepless nights, chronic joint pain, digestive issues, inability to lose fat and so much more.