Amino Acid Profile - 20 blood spot 

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are the second most prevalent component of your body (water is the first). They serve so many critical roles—including regulation of muscle, immune, nerve, and hormone activity and formation and maintenance of every tissue in your body—that adequate levels are vital to health. Between meals, amino acids supply energy to keep cells functioning. Chronic stress,depression, and toxic chemical exposure increase your need for amino acids. Healthy digestion is critical for adequate amino acid status.

Essential amino acids are those that the body cannot synthesize and thus must be obtained from the diet. Conditionally essential amino acids are those the body normally can synthesize from the diet, but that may need to be obtained directly from the diet or supplementation under specific circumstances. All others listed are amino acid derivatives (also called “nonessential amino acids”) which can, under normal conditions, be made by the body in sufficient quantities from essential amino acids. After ruling out chronic dietary deficiency, if many amino acids are very low, consider malabsorption or low hydrochloric acid in the stomach.  When replenishing with amino acid supplements, use a balanced or individualized formulation with all the L-amino acids in order to avoid a relative deficiency of the missing groups.



Your Amino Acid Profile measures your levels of amino acids. Low levels of amino acids mean you are not getting enough essential amino acids from your diet either from inadequate intake of quality protein or from poor digestion. Supplementing essential amino acids can greatly benefit people who have very low protein diets, have trouble adequately digesting protein, or who have increased demand for specific amino acids to maintain body processes.


 Kits can be shipped directly to your home and this is a simple blood spot test that you complete yourself.

Total cost is $327 (lab fee of $210 + consult fee of $117) 

The consult fee inclues a review of your results and a personalized protocol based on the results