Where you store your bodyfat & what it means to your health?

Your guess might be wrong! 
I don't guess, I test and use a proven, scientific method  that ranks your priorities.

Training - Jumping jacks, burpees, walking - they may sound trendy but they are far from efficient when it comes to getting results.

My training is hard, the lifestyle is a commitment and it is not for the faint of heart.

Serious methods for Serious results.


That's how you get the fastest fit ever.

Now in the Naples area. 

Tamara Lynn Melchor   recommends Jrod trained.
August 18, 2018 · 
Jarod’s training is spot on as he breaks down the moves, explains the muscle group and the mechanics of what you are working during the set. He does the actual work with you rather than just watching 





Why do I choose functional nutrition? I’m an individual, not a chart. My health is dictated by me, not insurance companies. I want answers, not a pill. I want true health, not symptom management. After hanging around the sidelines for a little while I finally made a bio signature appointment with JROD and since that time I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in my health. Any time I have approached him with a question or concern he has been quick to respond and offer solutions. I know he cares, I trust him completely and I recommend him to everyone.        
-Jill Tremlett Large (working mother)


 I am a busy HR manager and mother who loves being in shape but has limited time.  The best thing about training with Jared is I just show up, put in effort and get amazing results.  His program design is top notch.  He encompasses all aspects of healthy living and the training is geared toward me specifically.

-Dawn Olson






Life is all about choices.  You have options, CHOOSE health!