Engineering a blueprint for a better you.

 Are you ready to make changes based on DNA, Hormone Levels, Food Sensitivities, Body Fat Placement, Structural Balance and Strength Ratio testing?  Finding and addressing the weakest link to strengthen the whole you is what we do!  We gather all this information and ret-tro-fit into your exercise regimen.

The results are next taken to the weight room where your sets, reps, tempo and rest intervals are carefully calculated.  Sharing technique tips that allow for a very efficient, fun experience that will make you confident in the weight room and finally answers a huge need in the fitness industry of… “I don’t know what to do!” From warm up to recovery, every work out has a specific purpose.  We coach you how to get results and how to maintain them.  Then we take it one step further and show you subtle, everyday things that may be sabotaging your hard earned gains, answering the age old question; ”Why am I not getting results?”  

From professional athletes to weekend warriors we get you stronger, healthier and in better shape while correcting structural imbalances.


That’s why Our Slogan is: Don’t undo the Do 



Food testing is just one of the many labs we offer.  Food sensitivity testing involves the second part of the immune system called the innate system.  By measuring the cells mediated response from the WBC (white blood cells) is what the MRT test does.  It picks up on many food sensitivities that are causing chronic inflammation.  Water retention is a side effect of inflammation and it is quite common to lose 20-70 pounds of Michelin man bloat once the identified trigger foods are removed.

MRT food sensitivity testing is exactly why 20% of the people are getting 80% of the results.



Why do I choose functional nutrition? I’m an individual, not a chart. My health is dictated by me, not insurance companies. I want answers, not a pill. I want true health, not symptom management. After hanging around the sidelines for a little while I finally made a bio signature appointment with JROD and since that time I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in my health. Any time I have approached him with a question or concern he has been quick to respond and offer solutions. I know he cares, I trust him completely and I recommend him to everyone.        -Jill Tremlett Large (working mother)

We offer Nutritional and Lifestyle counseling based on Labs and BioSignature.  We are now located in NorthEast Indiana serving Auburn and the surrounding area. Check out this video for a small sample of what we do brought to you by one of the best Dr. Mark Schauss


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