Prepare to get

*Your head will be spinning for a week after just 1 session

*Common to learn “10” new things about nutrition & strength training per session

*Bring a notebook…knowledge bombs will be dropped and you don’t want to miss them

*Exercise myths will get busted and replaced with scientific facts

*The best workout is the one you are not doing; Gymmy Jacked is an expert at doing 

*Plateaus will be a thing of the past

*Find out why your shoulder blade will un-lock your genetic code on how to eat correctly for you

*Find out what the most important supplement is and why others won’t work without it

*Find out why you don’t have skinny legs

*Finally a coach who really has your best interest at heart…seriously



We offer 4 different ways for you to get in shape

What do you choose?

1.    Group Training - Perfect for those wanting motivation, accountability, great program design and the advisement of a coach.  Classes are limited to 10 people.
Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching included. 
Mon, Wed, Fri at noon; 3:45pm and 5pm
$160/month** Includes membership to Gymmy Jacked


2.    On line Training - Designed for individuals that want great program design and the ability to work out on your own time schedule inside Gymmy Jacked.

$80/month - Includes membership to Gymmy Jacked


3.    Personal Training - Geared towards individuals that desire one on one coaching.

$75/session** - Includes membership to Gymmy Jacked.  By appointment only


4.    Open Gym Membership - Love the unique and amazing equipment and have to have access to it (outside of class times)




**Club Fitness Membership Required




Strong, Healthy Living

If you live in the Angola, IN area and you are looking for a personal trainer, look to Gymmy Jacked.

Whether you are a competitive athlete striving for the next level or a business professional wanting to get in shape I can help.  I have 30 years of strength and conditioning experience and have studied under the best in the world when it comes to strength training and improving overall health.  

Imagine a weight room specifically designed for results in a group training setting.  No waiting too long between sets, no skipping exercises because someone is camped out on the equipment.  Every work out produces specific results that build on the previous workout.  From warm up to recovery every workout has a purpose.  
Why take 12 weeks when you can do it in 6?  From the weight you use to the sets, reps, tempo and rest interval everything is carefully calculated for safe results.  
You will start with a structural balance evaluation and you will have workouts designed specifically for improvement. 

If you train but have reached a plateu, I can help.  If you are an athlete that needs to get stronger or faster, I can help.  If you want results but don't know where to begin, I can help.  If you love working out but struggle with program design and progressions, I can help.


Group Training designed for results in a gym designed for results

Work outs are meant to be fun, specific and effective.

Located inside Club Fitness at 605 W 275 N in Angola, IN /  910-512-4917


From serious athletes to weekend warriors I get you stronger, healthier and in better shape while correcting structural imbalances.







Why do I choose functional nutrition? I’m an individual, not a chart. My health is dictated by me, not insurance companies. I want answers, not a pill. I want true health, not symptom management. After hanging around the sidelines for a little while I finally made a bio signature appointment with JROD and since that time I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in my health. Any time I have approached him with a question or concern he has been quick to respond and offer solutions. I know he cares, I trust him completely and I recommend him to everyone.        
-Jill Tremlett Large (working mother)


 I am a busy HR manager and mother who loves being in shape but has limited time.  The best thing about training with Jared is I just show up, put in effort and get amazing results.  His program design is top notch.  He encompasses all aspects of healthy living and the training is geared toward me specifically.

-Dawn Olson






Life is all about choices.  You have options, CHOOSE health!